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Particularly exciting is the piece in the far corner of the Gallery, “Our Impact.” This piece features three components: a bucket of water, a table of ceramic tools, and a 6x3 foot trough on the floor, filled with local clay and over 140 plates made from it. Viewers are invited to do one of two things, either pour water on the slowly eroding landscape of plates (the quicker option) or, to take the time to scoop up clay, work it into a usable paste, press it into a mold, wait for it to dry, and place it on the top. The difference of ease between the two options is clear, and it reminds us how easy it is to exploit, destroy, and erode, and the difficulty of creation, rebuilding, and sustainability.

This exhibition is both participatory and time-sensitive, so be sure you don’t miss it, and try to stop by more than once! “Labor Landscape” will continue to change the more people see and work with it, so it’ll be an entirely different exhibition by June. Gallery hours are 10-5, Tuesday through Friday, and 10-4 on Saturdays.


It’s been just a few days since the LAC’s manager and resident artist, Cassie Stone, opened her solo exhibition, “Labor Landscape,” but the landscape of this exhibition has already changed drastically. Using clay, found objects, and video, this exhibition meditates on labor, especially labor that considers land. Referring to her family’s history farming, Stone uses symbols like seed pods, grain scoops, and spoons to talk about how we value labor, and whose labor we value.


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